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a WorkScene Page.
Select a custom URL:
Add a cover photo and profile image to bring your page to life.
Customize your page:
Upload branded content, office photos, videos and employee stories that give job seekers a behind-the-scenes look at your company culture.
Post free unlimited jobs.
Create new listings or display jobs that are posted somewhere else online.
the right talent.
Share your WorkScene Page everywhere:
Grow your Private Talent Community by displaying your WorkScene URL everywhere you come in contact with job seekers. Insert it into any profile, page, post or tweet.
Generate more employee referrals:
Encourage and incentivize employees to share your WorkScene URL in their social, personal and professional networks.
Jump-start campus, veteran, diversity and STEM recruiting:
Focus your WorkScene Page content on diverse job candidate audiences.
job seekers and Private Talent Community members.
Tell your company's story:
Combine your choice of standard and optional page sections to create a unique job seeker experience.
Cultivate relationships with Private Talent Community members:
Share updates. Send group and direct messages. Invite members to apply for new job openings.
Nurture talent community relationships automatically:
Private Talent Community members are notified automatically, anytime you update page content or post new jobs.
only the best.
Manage job candidates:
Review and rate resumes. Send direct messages. Screen job candidates. Schedule interviews.
Access a pipeline of pre-qualified candidates.
Reach out to Private Talent Community members before posting to a larger audience.
Improve employee retention:
Hire WorkScene community members and job candidates who have already been shown that your company is a great place to work.