Creating a positive workplace environment is crucial to creating an atmosphere that your employees not only enjoy but look forward to being a part of. This is the most important aspect of ensuring your company is able to easily and consistently recruit top talent.

In order to ensure that you have one of the best workplace environments in your area we, at WorkScene recommend you start with these five simple steps.

1. Move and motivate.

A great workplace environment starts with great leadership. The role of great leaders is to move and motivate their employees in a positive reinforcing manner. This not only ensures that your employees are challenged, but it also ensures they feel secure in reaching out to leadership for guidance.

2. Expect the unexpected.

A well-balanced workplace environment is one that is flexible even when it comes to employee shortcomings and mistakes. Your employees are human. The humanity of your employees works in direct opposition to your performance statistics and initiatives. As officials of your company each job role is outlined objectively. But as real people they are prone to mistakes, personal obligations, and in some cases a lack of motivation all together. The key to balancing these opposing forces is to promote the importance of performance and personal growth simultaneously.

Performance objectives include a list of tasks that should be completed with a certain level of proficiency and consistency.

Personal growth objectives are where you as a company get creative. You can include hassle-free time off, book reading contest/ initiatives, free snacks in the break room, fun Fridays, employee outings, and more. The list is endless. The key is simply to appeal to the human needs of each individual on your team.

3. Be an open book.

The best work environments are led with transparency. The more you share, the more trust you build. Companies in 2019 are sharing more than ever thought possible with publicly shared salaries, equity percentages, performance stats and more. This level of transparency not only helps promote company transparency but it also holds the company and its employees publicly accountable.

4. Give them freedom.

Empower your employees with the tools and guidance they need to exceed expectations and then… let them soar. Don’t micro-manage every minute task. They were hired as an expert in their area. It’s imperative that you allow them to be the expert you hired them to be.

5. Build a winning team.

A work environment where people work together towards a common goal and spend time having fun together turns coworkers into teammates. That unity translates to a powerful sense of community and enjoyment for employees and employers alike.

Building a great place to work is an ongoing task that starts with these very simple principles. You will be rewarded with an awesome team of employees who love their job and it will shine through their performance.


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