Michael Webb
Founder & CEO, WorkScene

The world of recruiting has changed. Today’s job seekers aren’t simply looking for a desk and a paycheck. They are looking for an employer whose values match their own, a workplace they will feel happy to arrive at each day.

Let’s face it, your company has more to offer than a job posting can convey. Some job seekers may take the initiative and do some research on you company, check out websites and even read reviews from former employees, but many won’t. Where do passive and active job seekers go to get a behind- the-scenes look at an employer’s company culture?  

There is very little information available to job seekers that gives them a real sense of what it is like to work for a specific employer. It’s hard to get important questions answered about compatibility and culture. Currently, candidates don’t know very much, if anything, about an employer’s company culture until they come in for an in-person interview. Often, new hires don’t get a real sense of what it’s like to work for an employer until they show up for their first day of work.

I founded WorkScene because I have not only experienced the pressure of trying to attract top talent, I have seen first-hand that company culture is often more important to job seekers than total compensation.

During my twenty-plus year recruiting career, I’ve led talent-acquisition teams and worked as a consultant for numerous companies. While managing the social recruiting efforts for a Fortune 500 company, I started to understand the power and reach of social media; we were using all the popular social platforms in an attempt to attract the right candidates. I found that it was almost impossible to get the hiring results we wanted, because traditional social media platforms weren’t created with recruiting in mind. I could share content that showcased company culture, but there was no easy way to post jobs or gather resumes.

I quickly realized that employers needed a social channel that would allow them to tell their unique story and share their company culture with job seekers. I asked myself, “What would happen if I combined the power and reach of a social media site with the functionality of a job board?”  

That question led to the development of WorkScene, a way for business owners and HR professionals to attract the right talent by showcasing their company culture.

As a business owner or HR professional whose success is tied to filling jobs, you’re faced with a big challenge. Your company may be a great place to work but how do you get that message across to the right candidates?  A company’s social media sites are controlled by the Marketing department and are typically used to promote products and services. IT usually controls a company’s Careers page, which tends to be static. How do you show job seekers what it’s like to work for your company?

With a WorkScene Page, you can share your workplace culture and tell your company’s unique story as it unfolds. From the moment they arrive on your page, job seekers can see what makes your company a great place to work. 

WorkScene allows you to create a unique job-seeker experience with content that gives people a window into your organization—testimonials, videos, photos and more, that can be updated in real-time without Marketing or IT support. Designed by recruiting professionals, WorkScene can be updated quickly and supports a wide range of recruiting scenarios.

Employers with WorkScene Pages give passive and active job seekers all the information they need to make quick decisions about which employment opportunities are worth pursuing. 

Don’t let static job postings stand in the way of your success.  Tell your company’s
unique story, attract the right talent and become a “Hiring Hero.”

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