Social recruiting isn’t just about searching for candidates on LinkedIn and posting hashtags on Twitter. As a recruiter how do you build an audience and a solid reputation as someone who gets results? The answer is simple: start a blog.

The best way for anyone to position themselves at the top in today’s market is to become a subject matter expert and spread the word. There may seem like there are so many blogs that yours can’t possibly be heard above the noise but if you provide quality content you will begin to attract a loyal following. While not all of those readers are actively looking for jobs right now they may know people who are or their circumstances may eventually change.

Here are some general tips on blogging and how to launch a resource that will be helpful to your readers and potential candidate pool.

The 80/20 rule

When producing content keep in mind that 80% of what you create should be of value to the reader. In the case of recruiting you may want to provide resume writing and interviewing tips or even how to find jobs on social media. The remaining 20% of the content you produce can be self-promotion. Here is where you can talk about your available jobs or upcoming projects.

Evergreen content

The best way to encourage consistent views on your blog is to provide content that does not expire. For instance, resume writing advice should be up to date and interesting but also helpful to someone who stumbles upon you blog six months from now. In the case of job descriptions be certain to date the post and include a statement like, “Our job postings change frequently so check back for up to date information or contact us directly to learn more.”

Promote on Social Media

Blog writing is a great way to create content to then push to the social media sites that you use. There are tools you can utilize that automatically publish links to your newest blog posts on sites like Facebook and Twitter. This will help spread the word to a greater audience and give your readers and opportunity to share your content with new people.


Your main job as a blogger is to attract readers to your site and, ultimately, candidates to your jobs. To do this you should participate in the greater community. Each week chose one or two blogs that are also geared toward people in the industries for which you recruit and comment on posts where you can add useful information. Always link back to your blog to encourage readers to click through.

Using these four general strategies you should begin to build a following that will attract potential candidates directly to your open job postings.

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