Have you ever heard of the term employer brand? If not, you’re not alone. You probably didn’t even know your company had one. An employer brand is simply how job seekers and current employees view your company.

Every company has a reputation as an employer, but far too many companies leave their fate to the internet. Negative reviews and disgruntled former employees can damage a company’s reputation as a great place to work.

Think of it this way: When it comes to attracting customers, the rule of thumb in marketing and sales is to engage everyone. Respond to negative comments and work to create a good customer experience and improve the product. That’s why Marketing and Public Relations exist. So why are you treating potential employees any different? Would you ignore negative product reviews for your customer to see? Probably not, so why not manage what potential employees see?

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, and it’s not hard. By creating a WorkScene Page for your company, it is easy to showcase all the things that make your company a great place to work.

Your reputation as an employer affects who wants to work for your company. It is the main influencer on your ability to attract, hire and keep top talent. By creating and managing a positive employer brand, you can show potential employees what makes your company great.

Top Five Reasons to Shape How Top Talent Views Your Company

1. Information is Out There.

People are talking about your company. Whether it is on employer review boards or on social media, chances are there are a few negative reviews out there somewhere. But you shouldn’t have to guess. By managing your employer brand, you will know where negative reviews are and you will know where you can improve that reputation.

2. Be Proactive Instead of Reactive.

If you wait until you see negative comments about your company as an employer, it is too late. Minimize any crisis situations by showcasing all the great things your company is doing throughout the year. Create a reputation as a great employer with an amazing culture.

3. Cut Through the Noise.

Think about how many job ads and job boards there are bouncing around the internet. Hundreds. Thousands even. So how do you stand out? By showcasing the benefits of working at your company, you can have talent come to you. Once people know you are a dream employer, they can track what jobs you have available and apply directly through your company page. Spend less time posting advertisements and more time hiring the best of the best.

4. Reputation Matters.

69 percent of job seekers, even if unemployed, would not take a job with a company that had a bad reputation. And within that percentage of people lies some of the top talent in your industry. By not actively sharing, you could be losing the next influencer in your company.

5. Attract the Best Talent.

Why did you start working at your current company? If you fall in the millennial generation, then the number one thing you look for is a culturefit. So if your dream employees fall in that age range, how are you going to show off your company culture to attract the best talent? A WorkScene Page. The best employees want to know as much as they can about a company before taking a job. In fact, 76 percent of job seekers want to know what makes a company an attractive employer, so now, you need to SHOW THEM!