No matter how much experience you have as a temporary recruiter it is always important to reevaluate your techniques and reassess the tools that you use. With changes in social media resources happening almost daily new processes can emerge to increase your effectiveness. How exactly do you know you’re on the right track when it comes to inbound recruiting? Here are some tips for using social media to source the very best candidates for your open positions.

Finding passive vs. active candidates.

When you receive a job description from your client often the first step is to review your current database of employees. The second source is online job boards for resumes from individuals currently seeking employment. Often the sweet spot in the recruiting process is mining the undiscovered gems; people who possess all the skills your client requires but who are currently employed. Social media can be an excellent way to access these potential candidates. Search for them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using keyword based hashtags.

Develop a strategy.

One of the biggest traps recruiters fall into when using social media is feeling the need to try anything and everything. Before you create online profiles at every new social site, consider how it will help you with your recruiting process. It may be best to stick to just two or three to keep your process streamlined and efficient.

Promote open jobs on your company page.

Almost everyone is on Facebook so it is a great place to look for new candidates for your open jobs. Remember that people are looking for jobs on Facebook as well. Use your company page to share job postings so your fans will see them as they are published. Encourage your followers to share job openings to their friends and family if they aren’t a match but someone they know is.

Engage with potential candidates.

Social media is intended to connect people over the web. It is meant to be a platform where people share their stories. It is extremely important that you foster conversation with the individuals who follow you on social media. It is equally as important to treat everyone you speak to as a potential candidate even if the current role isn’t a right fit. Keeping people happy with your services will allow you to follow up with them when a position does become available.

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