Have you ever wondered if there are further applications of social media for your temporary or even your internal staff? There are so many ways to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many other social sites to tap into employee creativity, referrals, and feedback. Here are 5 ways you can use social media to enhance your employee communications.

Build relationships and connections.

Social media is only useful if the audience continues to grow and is involved in the conversation. One rule is to make sure that your postings are 80% education and 20% self-promotion. You can build relationships with your employees that will create company loyalty by providing them with useful information that they can pass on to others.

Generate Leads.

You know that your temporary candidates are working with other staffing companies. In fact, you may encourage them to apply with multiple agencies if you are uncertain when and where you can place them on an assignment. However, you may be able to ask for information about other assignments they have accepted. If they tell you where they are working you already know the company uses temporary staffing so you can provide that information to your sales manager.

Encourage employee referrals.

Every staffing service offers a referral bonus to employees. This may take a different form at each agency depending on your policies but everyone encourages their temporary employees to refer friends and family. Promoting this on social media will spread the word further than a paragraph in an employee handbook or occasional verbal reminders. Make the request frequently.

Allow mobile access to your postings.

Another hot topic next to social recruiting, and also very closely related, is mobile applications. 55% of American adults use their smart phones to access the internet exclusively. To reach your currently available temporary employees to talk to them about an upcoming job it is important that they are able to access that information on their mobile devices.

Request feedback on assignments.

Many staffing companies send out short surveys at the end of each employee assignments but this is a step that is easy to let slip through the cracks. With the right social media interface it is easy to request this information from each employee. Find out about the duties of the assignment, the supervisor, and even how you handled the project as the recruiting and administrator.

Social recruiting and social media management for your active employees goes hand in hand. Are you looking for a way to keep this process streamlined? Create WorkScene today- it’s FREE!