According to Merriam – Webster the definition of a Hashtag is -a word or phrase preceded by the symbol # that classifies or categorizes the accompanying text (such as a tweet). Hashtags are huge in social media. People are using hashtags on their social posts as a part of the greater cultural trends to categorize their posts and make sure a particular audience is seeing their content.

Recruiters have been using hashtags to search for candidates on social sites, particularly Twitter for some time, but there may be a better way they can be used on Facebook and Instagram.

It is important to note that unlike Twitter, Facebook still has privacy settings. Clicking on hashtags in this format will only take you to individuals who are already part of your network. The best solution to reach a larger audience is to work on building your network and look on platforms that allow you to see broader content. Also, consistently add valuable content to your company posts and invite new readers to follow along. To encourage more conversation, you can add hashtags to the posts and get it in front of a specific audience.

For instance, on your company facebook page you can incorporate phrases like #administrativejobs which will allow for your readers to click through and learn more right within Facebook. Previously, any links on posts would take them outside the site to a secondary source but now you can encourage users to remain on your Facebook page.  Once your post with hashtags is live it will be seen by friends and followers of that hashtag and the conversation will grow.

To search hashtags on Facebook simply enter it in the search bar at the top of your page. When searchings #jobs it brings up a number of results and even suggested additional hashtags you might wish to search. You can use this feature to search for candidates in a specific location or with specific skills. Keep in mind that candidates may also be searching so include phrases that will make them click through to your information. For instance #accountingjobschicago may be a good hashtag for this skill and geographically specific position.

A quick note on how not to use hashtags. Longs strings of words that will never be searched may seem funny at the time but they are a waste of digital real estate. #Don’t #post #sentences #where #every #word #is #tagged. Also, don’t use tags like #iwishqualifiedpeoplewouldapplytomyjob. Keep your tags professional and use words and simple phrases that attract candidates to your page.

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