Companies of all sizes are focusing their attention on millennial talent. Millennials are people born in the 80’s and 90’s who share unique characteristics when compared to older colleagues.


Millennials tend to be more tech savvy and socially connected. As a result, a wide variety of “new school” branding methods come naturally to this group. They also come with unique requirements–ultimately looking for work-life balance, growth potential, and a flexible work environment with an emphasis on teamwork.

Follow the key steps below to align your employer brand and easily attract and retain top millennial talent:

Share your purpose:

Millennials are attracted to a company whose purpose aligns with their own.

For example:

Sharing a clear and solid mission can help your company attract millennials whose personal missions align with yours, which is invaluable in terms of productivity and positive work atmosphere. If I happen to be a yoga-loving, health enthusiast, I would be honored to join a team whose purpose is to contribute to holistic health and wellness. This aligns with my own personal purpose, making me a happier and more productive employee.


Get social:

Being active on social media isn’t just a marketing tactic. Today, your social media presence serves a far greater purpose. The world of social media is where millennials tend to spend their time, so your social activity may touch them before any other branding message. It’s also the most effective way to reach them directly, since millennials value “new school” companies. Humanizing your brand by opening a social media window on your team and company culture will reach millennials unlike any other method. As a millennial myself, I will jump through far more hoops to become part of a team that displays an open, friendly social atmosphere than I would a traditional work environment. Seeing happy faces, families and real people on a company’s social media page creates an enticing employer brand for millennials like me.

Open the doors:

The more you are willing to share about your work atmosphere, employees and processes the more you will appeal to millennials. Some companies have gone so far as to publicly share their formula for calculating salaries. Others allow employees to team up and develop their own job descriptions instead of just handing them out when they arrive. The work environment as we have known it in the past is being flipped on its head to put employee happiness first—and that’s good thing. It fosters an extremely open and trustworthy workplace atmosphere filled with employees who actually want to be there, and…dare I say…may even enjoy going to work!


A workplace filled with happy individuals will always outperform and outlast others of its kind.

It all starts with sharing. So, share your employer brand socially, share your processes and keep that sense of openness alive in your everyday workplace activity through transparency and collaboration. Live the picture you paint on social media to consistently attract and retain the millennial population with ease.