A recruiter in temporary staffing plays a lot of roles. Not only are you responsible for sourcing and hiring candidates, you also act as manager for your temp-to-hire employees. It is important to keep employee relationships positive because you never know when and where you will see that employee again. When a loyal, former employee loses a permanent position you will be the first person they call.

Here are some of the ways to engage your temporary employees through social media.

Share how they make a difference publicly

Use your social media platforms to share inspiring stories and praise your top performers. Temporary staffing companies will often have an employee of the month program or they may participate in the American Staffing Association’s National Employee of the Year contest. Broadcasting this information out to social media will not only make the successful employee see that they are valued but it will also show the rest of your team that their contributions are important.

Communicate future projects

Some temporary employees view short term assignments as a potential lead to be hired. Others accept these projects to have flexibility in their schedules. Social media is the perfect place to share information about future assignments and show people how working with you can lead to a career.

Engage current employees

It is always good for potential candidates to see how happy your current employees are with your services. Ask your employees to provide feedback online in places where candidates will look, such as Facebook. Respond to inquiries in a timely manner, manage negative messages, and foster conversations between individuals on your social media pages.

Social media recruiting and social media management go hand in hand. It is important for your employees to see that you have a positive presence online. It is equally as important for potential candidates to see how you treat your current employees and get an understanding about how they will fit in with your project.

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