Why does my company need a WorkScene page? 

Employers of every size know that aligning company culture with the company’s mission is the surest way to keep employees engaged, productive and focused on what your company needs to grow. WorkScene is how companies share their company culture with both active and passive job seekers to attract the right talent to keep the company growing. A WorkScene page uses photos, video, images and text to tell your employer story giving job seekers a fun and authentic way to discover why they would want to work with you. Read on for ideas to help create a WorkScene page you can be proud of. 


What types of photos tell the best story about company culture? 

Almost any photos are a great way to start telling your story. Mostly just remember to capture authentic moments for your company and have fun! And keep your smartphone handy to snap pictures of any of these: 

1. Your physical location whether that is an office, store or home for remote employees

2. Your people – everyone who keeps your company going

3. Where do you have meetings? Coffee shop, outside, wherever you really meet together

4. Employee work environments – how are desks decorated, walls, windows?

5. Do you celebrate birthdays, holidays, company milestones? Take a picture!

6. What does your company reward and recognize? Employee of the month? 


What are some ideas for quick videos? 

Complement your photos with short videos to make your company culture stand out. 

1. Walk through the front door of your office to share what it’s like to arrive at work

2. Record about 20 to 30 seconds in your lunch space when employees are gathered

3. A star employee can speak for 30 seconds on why they’re proud to work for your company

4. A company CEO or office leader can answer what makes your company a great place to work 


What else should we include? 

Your future employees will look at your WorkScene page. Fill out all the sections of your page including company information, benefits and perks you wish to mention. Company logos and branded imagery can also be a great way make your page feel more complete. And don’t forget to include your open jobs either directly or with a link to your company careers page.


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