Do you think you can get your message across in 140 characters? Some people absolutely love Twitter for the brevity in communication. Others use it purely as a promotional tool. However, there are benefits and uses for recruiters both with tweeting and with searching the site for potential candidates. Here are some best practice tips for using Twitter in your social recruiting efforts.

Use #hashtags

Do you want to share the link to your latest job posting on Twitter? Great. Compose your short message and add the link and be sure to save room for hashtags. The most common tag to promote job openings is #jobs. Individuals searching Twitter for job information will search that word first. Also include a hashtag of the location, such as #Boston, and the best descriptor of the job like #manager.

Offer advice

Internet communications should be 80% education and 20% promotion. You certainly can promote your jobs and your website but also provide helpful information to keep readers returning to your Twitter feed. Share links with helpful job search information. Be sure to tag each tweet with hashtags like #jobsearchadvice or #resumewriting.

Follow companies

As a recruiter you may not be directly in charge of sales for your office but you and your business development manager work closely with one another. Talk to her about what companies she is targeting and follow them on Twitter. You can share updates with her that may improve her chances of getting in the door to sell staffing.


Another great way to share important information with your readers is to retweet useful posts from other people. You may want to retweet important information about things happening in your local area or the location of the next major job fair. Share information from clients or prospects.

Direct message candidates and clients

If you see an individual or company with whom you want to connect, don’t wait to reach them. Use Twitter’s direct message system to reach out to them directly. Explain who you are and why you want to connect and provide your contact information. Once you have contacted them through Twitter you can search for their information to call or email.

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