The recruiting industry is fond of promoting social recruiting for discovering the perfect candidates. You will often hear that 92% of companies are using some social media strategy to find talent for their open positions. What exactly does that mean and how can you leverage social media for your staffing service?

Consider the ways that some of the top recruiters are sourcing candidates through social media.


In September of 2012, LinkedIn had nearly 190 million members. Most people simply create the most basic profile and never touch it again. However, the superstar candidates and recruiters make significant use of the website to connect with industry leaders and build their professional network. By developing a searchable profile and extended network, you can not only find but even attract the candidates you’re looking for.


While LinkedIn is winning the social recruiting race, Facebook is still holding its own, especially with business pages and through targeted marketing. In fact, 66% of recruiters are using the popular social media site to find new talent and 26% used it to make a hire.


The thought sharing site is lowest on the success list but that doesn’t mean candidates can’t be found among the 140 character tweets. Out of the 54% of recruiters using Twitter to find talent only 15% made successful hires.  The trick is understanding how to attract followers to your page and search the site using hashtags (#).


Some of the best candidates are writing blogs about their expertise. Subject matter bloggers can be the perfect fit for your open position or they can help you connect to the people who are.

Visual Media

You might not have thought much about them, but Instagram and Pinterest can be used for recruiting purposes as well. Instagram has 90 million active users and can be searched using hashtags just like Twitter. Pinterest is a great place to source candidates who might need to produce a virtual portfolio of their work such as graphic designers and photographers.

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