While your competition is also finding candidates on LinkedIn and Facebook there may be an untapped resource for you to investigate further. The popular photo sharing site Instagram, owned by Facebook, may be another great place to search for your next candidates. If you’re thinking about adding Instagram to your recruiting tools here are some helpful tips for using the service to your advantage.

Establishing your employer brand

Visual media is a great way to showcase your company message and overall branding. In a digital world dominated by video and photo sharing, Instagram may be the leader for displaying your brand to potential consumers and future employees. With both photo and video sharing available, there are a number of ways to communicate your company culture with a wide audience. Have a look at this list from marketing experts about using Instagram for your online branding.

Engage with candidates

Next, just like with any form of social media, the key is to be social. This means that your branding and your page needs to be something candidates are looking for and are willing to reshare and engage with. You need to attract more people than just those you want to hire immediately. As jobs come and go your network will continue to grow and you may already know people who would be a good fit for your newest positions.

Search for hashtags

While you may already have quite a bit of experience searching on LinkedIn for candidates the addition of hashtags provides a new dimension to the process. Sometimes hashtags are a simple statement on the photo like #sunset or #vacation, which aren’t of use to you. Other times people will use more specific strings. For instance, if they are a college student and take a photo of the library where they are studying they may tag it with #library #engineeringmajor. That is the hashtag sweet-spot for recruiters. When you are thinking about using Instagram to source candidates start by thinking of all the ways someone might have tagged their photos and give those searches a try.

Concentrate on your location

Most staffing companies are local or regional and very few agency recruiters are going to be in a position to source for candidates from a national pool. Hashtags are a great way to source people right in your own back yard. In your searches be sure to include terms like #atlanta or #houston depending on where you are and where the position is located.

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