Is your company making the most of mobile recruiting?

As of May 2013, 56% of adults in the U.S. own a smart phone. 55% of those adults use their smart phones to access the internet, with cell phones being the only online access for 17% of American adults. As Generation Y continues to be the fastest growing group of new employees for many companies it is important to change the strategy for sourcing talent.

What is mobile recruiting?

It is important to target your future employees where they already are. If they are accessing the internet, and your job postings, through their mobile devices those postings and subsequent applications need to be easy to use on a smart phone. Filling in fields of information becomes difficult without a full keyboard so offering a way to submit a resume with one click or send you to their LinkedIn profile is important.

When developing your mobile recruiting strategy there are some things to keep in mind.

A mobile friendly platform is easy to create. Developing a mobile optimized webpage is easy to accomplish with the help of your web designer. A study by Google suggests that 61% of users will leave a website that isn’t optimized for mobile use. The investment is worth it to keep potential candidates engaged with your site.

You may lose candidates to mobile friendly competitors. If your career page is not optimized then a potential candidate may find a company who makes it easy to apply for their jobs on line. According to a survey by Career Builder, of the companies with over 1000 employees asked 57% of them offer mobile optimized career pages. With so much of your recruiting competition using mobile recruiting you can’t afford not to.

People are busy. You never know where a candidate will stumble upon your job posting. They need to be able to come back to the page and apply when they have time. Mobile optimized sites offer people a chance to email themselves a job posting to respond when they can.

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