Is Your Employer Brand Missing These 4 Things?

With a growing company, odds are you’re quite focused on nurturing and promoting your corporate brand. And you should be. How you represent your company in the marketplace with an emphasis on product/service and your customer base is an important first step in an overall branding initiative.


But what about the employer brand that influences the perceptions of employees and potential employees? A flourishing employer brand is key to building a solid company, poised for continual growth—a company with a positive culture, happy employees and eager candidates.


If you haven’t thought much about your employer brand, you’re not alone. Many companies have no idea where to start. It all begins with the four key elements listed below:


Build Company Culture

Your workplace culture is established by your leaders, your employees and your policies; those three factors create the overall dynamic that answers the uppermost question on any potential employee’s mind: “What’s it like to work there?” People want to know your shop is a place where employees feel comfortable and content. Whether that means free snacks and coffee in the break room, wacky office gatherings or regularly recognizing dedication and success, the focus remains the same: Make your company a place people like coming to every day. Employees should also feel challenged by fulfilling work that reflects their own intrinsic purpose, their own sense of doing something they find meaningful.


Welcome Employee Opinions

One great way to match purpose with assignment is to welcome employee opinions.

Establish an open-door atmosphere that allows employees to effectively communicate their feelings regarding workplace atmosphere and procedures. Inviting that input will help both you and your employees ensure that they are a good fit for your environment, while giving you intel on how to ensure overall happiness in your workplace. Employee opinions can be submitted anonymously or as part of a regular performance review. Candid employee input of this type is invaluable, as it can also help you to measure your performance as an employer—letting you know if you’re meeting your expectations of yourself.


Encourage Candidate Feedback

Letting job candidates speak their minds about their encounter with your company culture is a great way to get an outside perspective of your work atmosphere. Ask how they feel about your recruiting practices and onboarding process, as well, and fine-tune your methods based on that feedback. This will help you achieve a top-notch workplace environment that makes your company one of the most desirable places to work in your area. Candidates who are impressed by your culture will likely share their experience with friends and followers, which in turn leads to greater power for your employer brand.


Establish Your Corporate Brand

We started out talking about this, but it’s worth looking at further. A well-established corporate brand isn’t just beneficial in communicating with consumers who are potential customers; it also speaks to consumers who happen to be potential employees. There are many cases of customers who were so impressed by a corporate brand that they decided to delve further into it and explore career opportunities. In order to establish a solid corporate brand, be sure to establish a solid brand identity first (know who you are as a company), achieve sound market placement (communicate where your target consumers spend time) and develop a clear vision for future growth (maintain a focus on the future). That corporate identity will be very useful in building your employer brand.


Focusing on these four essential elements will help you establish a powerful employer brand that allows you to recruit and retain top talent with incredible ease.