Your clients are only interested in one thing: results. They have decided to partner with your staffing service to provide qualified candidates for their open positions and however you source those candidates is usually fine. However, it is always good to keep your client companies in the loop when it comes to your recruiting methods. Social recruiting is a great way to pull candidates from different sources than your client accesses.

Your client is probably already familiar with typical recruiting strategies such as advertising and online job boards. How do you demonstrate the added value of social media? Here are a few tips for navigating social recruiting with your clients so they understand the process better.

  • Addressing objections about cost. The primary objection you’re going to hear from your clients is since social media is free why would they need to pay a company to handle social recruiting. While this is true on one level the real cost of social recruiting is in the time spent. A dedicated recruiter has been trained to recognize the right talent out of a pool of hundreds, if not thousands, of potential candidates. Demonstrate to your client that they don’t need to spend their time on recruiting and can focus on the things that make their company run smoothly.
  • Maintaining the anonymity of the company. Many companies use a staffing service when they need to make a confidential hiring decision. Sometimes it is because the current employee isn’t working out or they simply don’t want to be mobbed with potential candidates. Staffing services will keep the company information private during the initial recruiting stages if the request is made. Can they trust you will do the same if you’re using social media to recruit potential candidates? They need to be assured that your internal policies have not changed because your recruiting source has.
  • Hiring for company culture. The very nature of social recruiting is more interactive and community driven than previous methods. For years clients have been stressing that they need to hire candidates who are a good fit for their company culture and finally recruiters have a source to pull from that emphasizes these employee characteristics. Spend some time in your client’s office and get to know the environment and the team. This will help you determine if the candidates’ personality will be a good match for their company. When recruiting on social media you will get a glimpse of this before you speak with the candidate so make use of it.
  • The power of connections. Your clients may be online and have connections with others in their industry which could lead to potential candidates for open positions. However, the real power of connecting online is in the expansion of your network. As a recruiter you can connect to your client on LinkedIn, for example, and you are now part of their extended network. You are also part of a dozen or more other extended networks. This expands your reach beyond the client’s desire to use social media.

Social recruiting is new territory for most established staffing companies so be prepared to demonstrate its value to your client companies.

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