You’ve been using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for your recruiting and you’ve had success but now you’re thinking of new ways to tap into hiring resources. What other tools are available for recruiters when it comes to social media? Have you considered using Pinterest as a recruiting tool? There are pros and cons about the site so let’s take a look at the ways you can use it and why you might chose not to.

Pinterest best practices

The best way for your information to be seen on Pinterest is to encourage “repins” of your content. This means that everything you post should be of interest to a wide audience. If your information is shared you will reach more potential target candidates. Use a mix of photos and videos. Make a board about summer dress codes in professional offices or one that showcases the town where your business is headquartered. Then participate in the community. Be social, make comments, and repin to your boards. Make sure that with every pin you add to your boards you include a link back to your website.

Pinterest job boards

One creative and effective way to use Pinterest for recruiting is to establish job boards. Check out this example by Work Club and their board for a new Creative Director. They used images from movies to paint a picture of the job in a very interesting way. You can add information about your company and pull images from popular culture to paint a picture of the job and your business. The Work Club board received a lot of repins so they knew their message was making it out to a broader audience. Their board would also attract candidates who would fit with the role and with their creative company culture.

Source creative candidates

To find creative candidates you don’t have to limit yourself to developing job boards. Some active candidates are using Pinterest to create virtual visual resumes. They are treating the service like an old fashioned portfolio which can be found based on the right search terms. Pinterest may also be a great resource for passive candidates. However, once you search for and find people with whom you want to connect, Pinterest does not yet provide a direct message function. The best solution is to comment on their board and ask for them to contact you. Otherwise, you may be able to find their professional page on LinkedIn from the information you’ve gathered from their Pinterest page.

Reasons to avoid it

However, not every expert is on board with the Pinterest for recruiting trend. While there may be a place for business branding on the Pinterest platform, it is believed that Pinterest is not yet a proven method for finding candidates. What is your return on investment? Since Pinterest is a free resource it seems like a no-brainer to tap into it for recruiting but imagine how much of your time you may spend on the site with little to no result. Use the site wisely.

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