Pinterest has been receiving a lot of press since it launched in 2010. Since the site crashed on to the scene it has grown exponentially, primarily to a female audience. Users spend nearly 15 minutes on the site which each visit which is second only to 20 minutes on Facebook.

For as long as the site has been around recruiters have been told to tap into the resources Pinterest has to offer. On the other hand, they have also been told to stop spending time on the site. With all this contradictory information how do you know whether or not Pinterest would be a good social recruiting site for you and your business?

There is really very little specific information available when you Google about successful recruiting strategies using Pinterest. In fact, regardless of the variations you may type in almost no actual data is returned that relates to using the site to hire candidates.

However, Pinterest does have one very good application for your company: brand development. Many top corporations are using the visual media site to promote their product and brand which then pushes more fans to their other social media pages, readers to their blogs, and customers or candidates to their door.

The top 5 companies with a presence on Pinterest are tapping into a fantastic resource. Each of them has multiple boards and it is interesting to note that the audience is driving most of the content. For example, the number 5 company on Pinterest, Lowe’s, has a DIY board called “Build it!” where readers can post their own Do it Yourself projects to the page.

This infographic has a great flow chart to follow if you’re thinking about creating a Pinterest presence. You can design your brand management strategy the right way for your company to get the most leverage out of the site.
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