When we think about the use of social media for recruiting we are often focused on Millennials and Generation X. However, the Baby Boomer generation is still active in the job market and may also be a group you can target through social media.

Boomers are on Facebook. In fact 84% of internet users over the age of 50 are active on social media. Facebook has a “trickle up” effect as younger family members encourage their older relatives to follow them to keep up with photos and status updates. However, this generation uses Facebook very differently than their millennial counterparts. Here are some tips for engaging the boomer workforce in your social media recruiting strategy.


The number one way that boomer Facebook users research new products or services is through recommendations of their friends and family on Facebook. This group is fiercely loyal but if service wanes they will be happy to vocalize their dissatisfaction. Be attentive on your Facebook business page to engage these users and cultivate their loyalty to your brand.


Baby Boomers have a reputation for “telling it like it is.” They want the same from businesses they engage with. When you develop your brand and interact with boomers on the web be sure to maintain consistency and authenticity.


While many Baby Boomers are tech savvy many also prefer that social media and other computer related topics be kept simple and easy to use. Keep in mind that this also means they may have a larger learning curve when it comes to technology in your company but they will also have experience to make up for it.


Baby Boomers don’t have time to read through hundreds of posts that don’t mean anything to their situation just to get one nugget of truth. Each and every post should be relevant to them to keep them engaged. Keep your content “evergreen” which will make it accessible to everyone in your audience.


If you are contacted via social media it is a good idea to respond quickly and thoroughly. Communications can range from inquiries about open positions to complaints about products or services. The more responsive you are the most likely the user will continue to engage with your site.

Engaging with the Baby Boomer generation to recruit for your open positions is not just about the technology you use but the way you use it. A WorkScene page can help you focus on relationship building with talent because this platform combines all your social media recruiting into one place along with streamlining your connections in an easy to use talent community for your convenience. Show off your company culture on your WorkScene page and attract the right talent (of all generations) – sign up, it’s free!