As recruiters we expect a lot out of potential candidates. We want to know that they have prepared for their interview, that they are not negative about former employers, and that they don’t over step their bounds when following up with us. How often do we stop to think about our commitment to maintaining professionalism when we reach out to individuals for our open jobs? Here are some tips on social recruiting etiquette that we can use as recruiters to make the very best connections.

Be prepared.

Just like we expect a candidate to complete their homework and learn about our company and the job, we need offer the same courtesy and know the background of the person with whom we are speaking. Sometimes it can become confusing when we are dealing with a number of potential candidates so take a moment to refresh your memory before taking the call. Before you reach out to someone be sure to read up on their LinkedIn profile to get as complete a picture as possible. You should be able to cite specific examples from their background when you’re talking to them.

Schedule a time to talk.

Frequently we become so involved in social media and email communications that we forget to have that face to face, or even over the phone, conversation. Don’t rely on the written word to convey your message. And don’t assume that someone will be waiting by the phone for your call even if they are looking for a job. Use email to set aside a time where you can dedicate yourself to a conversation without distractions in the office. We expect candidates to be free of distractions for a phone call so offer the same consideration.

Show your personality.

When you’re using social media to attract candidates try to interject some personality and fun into the posts. People don’t like interacting with a mindless entity; they would rather know there is a real person behind the status updates. Of course, be sure to keep things professional but there is no problem sharing personal stories or the occasional joke. Be sure to share information that they will find helpful and will keep them coming back to your page.

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