While many recruiters focus on LinkedIn, Facebook appears to be pulling ahead of the competition when it comes to social media recruiting. Targeting potential employees where they spend most of their time online is important in today’s market. If you’re not doing it, your competition is. Here are some Facebook recruiting tips to kick start your social networking strategy. .

Did you know that 84% of job seekers have Facebook pages? Facebook is a primary communication method for a lot of individuals so companies who target this audience will have an advantage over their competitors.

On Facebook recruiters can start by searching for individuals with specific skills and within a specific geographic area you can find the right individuals to contact for your open positions.

Do you have a company page? If not, it has becoming increasingly more important to establish your professional presence on Facebook. There are countless reasons for building a page, but for recruiting it becomes the perfect platform to route candidates to learn more about your company. Be sure to post frequently and keep your content relevant and professional. If you provide information that is useful to your readers they will come back and refer their friends. Remember to follow the 80/20 rule for your social media marketing.

Within your staffing company you probably offer referrals to employees who recommend their friends and family. There may be a way to harness the power of referrals on your social media as well. Have you thought about offering a reward or referral program to non-employees who recommend candidates to your company? Consider non-monetary rewards program for referrals that result in successful job placements.

Now that Facebook has enabled hashtags it is important to start using them in your posts. The easiest way to do this is to be sure you include tags that make sense for your job postings. There are two pieces of information you should include in each hashtag: the job title and the location. For example you could tag a post with #accountingaustintx or #ITmanagerboston. When people use Facebook to search for jobs this will direct them to your page.

It is also important to note that when you use hashtags and graph searches the results will be from people within your network, but that will depend on individual privacy settings. Some users may lock their privacy down tighter, but you will still open your search to more potential candidates.

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