Social Media is truly king in this information age. While people speculate about the inevitable decline of websites such as Facebook (think data breach issues), the truth is that social media will continue to persist regardless of these platform’s pitfalls. We are no longer a society capable of living in a disconnected world.

74% of consumers are using sites like Facebook to inform their purchasing decisions. Think about this in terms of your current open positions. How are you using social media to promote jobs to potential candidates?  Your future employees are on social media. The key to success is to engage them and get them interested in following your site and ultimately applying to your jobs.

As a recruiter, your jobs are your product and your candidates are the consumers. Establishing a positive brand identity around your recruiting process is important to attracting the best qualified candidates to your door. Here are some ways you can build your recruiting brand today:

Open communication

Successful recruiters connect with their social media audience. They are open and communicate effectively. As a recruiter, if you are responsive and accessible to questions, online candidates will be more attracted to your open positions. You will build consumer trust.

Sell your jobs

Even though the internet has widened the audience, it has done just as much harm to the job search market. Many job seekers are concerned about scams that request personal information and lure out of work people into sticky situations, potentially involving transferring money or identity theft. Your job is to make sure your reputation is solid and your job postings are genuine and believable. Open channels of communication go a long way toward building a customer’s or candidate’s confidence.

Personal branding

While your brand may be connected to your employer, it is most important to develop your own reputation as a professional recruiter in your industry and keep your candidates engaged. You never know when you will be on the market for another opportunity, and creating a positive online legacy is important.

Recruiting is part of your personal branding experience. When potential candidates view your jobs online, they want to see consistent messaging as well as easy to use web pages that get them where they want to go – fast and effectively.

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