Don’t look now, but your company culture is showing (or it should be)

Millennial job seekers have entered the workforce with high ideals and even higher standards. And they need more than what static job postings and company profiles can provide, in order to choose an employer. Fortunately, today’s recruitment world is easy to navigate if you know how to make headway with passive and active job seekers by showcasing your company culture on social media


Today’s job seekers are the first to “have it all” in their search for the right job fit. Social media and networking sites have created a perfect environment in which to explore company cultures. Job seekers can pick and choose the companies they want to pursue, without having to navigate a barrage of recruitment ads and job-promotion campaigns trying to lure them into work environments they can’t see.


Don’t worry. Be genuine.

Social media has cultivated an environment that demands authenticity. Of course, the kind of honesty and transparency today’s job seekers expect can make companies feel vulnerable, afraid of making an unwittingly bad impression. But the truth is, honesty, authenticity and transparency can be a company’s greatest advantage in the competition for top talent.


Exercising authenticity in your social media and other online content means having a sincere conversation with your audience. Providing a genuine glimpse into your company culture and sharing information that can be of benefit to potential employees, even if they don’t come to work for you, builds value for your employer brand. 


Forget about talking in generalities about being a great place to work; anyone can string together some popular buzzwords. Besides, top talent can smell a shallow post a mile away; if you’re faking value, they will sense it and walk away—and they probably won’t come back. Show job seekers YOUR workplace, YOUR culture; give them knowledge they can’t get anywhere else and prove that you’re interested in winning them over.


Rather than feel pressured and vulnerable, anxious about doing everything right, use social media as an opportunity to relax. Avoid presenting an idealized workplace. Show job seekers that your company is populated by human beings, not mindlessly smiling people in search of their next photo-op. 


Tell people what a day on the job at your company is like. Show them what people do, the atmosphere in which they do it and how management views and appreciates their efforts. If you’re certain you provide a fabulous work environment, and you’re right, the social media appetite for transparency will prove it.


Share every facet of your company story with a WorkScene Page.

Today’s job seekers want to take a deep dive into your company, so don’t be afraid to give them plenty of details. Your WorkScene Page has been specially designed, by recruiting professionals, to share an incredible level of detail. What’s your accounting department like? Do departments work in silos, or do you get to meet and work with people from other disciplines? How’s your CEO? Is he or she a karaoke star at the holiday party or a grill master at the company cookout?


Grab candid images of employees enjoying what they do. If they’re smiling, that’s great, but a serious, genuinely engaged look is good too. Add any and all images to your WorkScene Page to give passive and active job seekers a clear, true picture of life at your company; show them the human experience they can expect. That kind of openness is essential in today’s job market. 


How can candidates know your company culture is the right fit, if they can’t see it for themselves? Not showcasing your company culture could mean letting ideal candidates pass you by, simply because you didn’t provide anything for them to see. With your WorkScene Page, there will be no shortage of material for today’s information-hungry job seekers.


Open a unique window on life at your company.

We’ve entered a new age in recruiting, to be sure, but please don’t let that get you stressed. Social media is an essential tool for attracting quality candidates, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel in order to use it effectively. All you need to do is make use of what’s already out there–especially WorkScene. Your WorkScene Page showcases your company culture like nothing else can.


Whether you’re on your WorkScene Page, or another one of your social media channels, don’t forget to keep it real. Let talent see what you already know: your company is the workplace they’re looking for. Start showing off your work scene today and create a WorkScene page – it’s FREE!