Don’t look now, but your company culture is showing!

So is everyone else’s. Recruiting is changing and with the internet and social media, our fire-breathing millennials are blazing trails with high ideals and even higher standards. The days of static job postings and company profiles are nearing an end. Luckily, today’s recruitment world is easy to navigate if you know the new norm and how to make headway with top talent by showcasing company culture.

Because social media and networking sites offer the perfect environment for promoting your company culture, today’s job hunters are the first of a lucky bunch to have it all in their search for the right job fit. They can pick and choose the companies they want to work for, without having to navigate a barrage of recruitment ads and campaigns promoting jobs and workplace environments they can’t see.

On social media, they know they have a chance to see your company in every light. They know that social media has cultivated an environment that demands authenticity. Of course, the kind of honesty and transparency today’s job seeker’s expect can make companies feel vulnerable. But if approached in the right way, honesty, authenticity and transparency can be a company’s greatest weapon in the fight for top talent.

When you exercise authenticity in your social media and other online content, make sure to be real–have a sincere conversation with your audience. Create value by providing a genuine glimpse into your company culture and sharing information with potential employees that can be of benefit to them even if they don’t come to work for you. Forget about the kind re-hashed, re-circulated, page-padding fluff that talks in generalities about what makes a great workplace. Show them YOUR workplace, YOUR culture and give them some knowledge they won’t get elsewhere. Top talent can smell a shallow post a mile away; if you’re faking value, they will sense it and walk away—disappointed and empty-handed.

Rather than feel pressured and vulnerable, use social media as an opportunity to relax; its appetite for truth and transparency, we don’t have to put on airs anymore. Our companies are filled with people who have lives. We eat, we sleep, we have car trouble and, while we don’t necessarily have to share every intimate (and possibly boring) detail, we are expected to embrace our “realness” and its effect on both our personal and working lives. Top talent wants the truth and they know they can have it, so let’s skip the facades and be our authentic work-selves.

Use social media to show passive and active job seekers the best parts of your company. Is your CEO an expert grill chef at the company cookout? What are the everyday projects? What’s it like to work in accounting? Who sits in that area anyway? Be transparent. Have your employees smile into the camera (if they feel like smiling), then add the images to your WorkScene page and show prospective employees what it’s like to work at your company. Your employees are human, and so are your ideal candidates; show them the human experience of working for your company.

That kind of openness is essential in today’s job market. How can a candidate know if your company culture is the right fit, if they can’t see it? What if not showcasing your company culture means your ideal candidate walks right on by, because she or he didn’t get a chance to see how great you are?

We’ve entered a new age in recruiting, to be sure, but please don’t let that get you stressed. While companies are now leaning on social media to attract quality candidates, that doesn’t mean you need to re-invent the entire marketing wheel. You just need to make full use of the tools available for showcasing your culture—especially your WorkScene page with the unique window it offers into life at your company.

On WorkScene and elsewhere online, remember to be as genuine and open as possible in your online offerings. Be real with your audience. Give them genuine, useful information. Let them see company culture for what it is—a great one!

Top talent will appreciate and come away from the experience impressed.

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