Is there an untapped market for employee referrals being left on the table?

Most staffing services offer referral bonuses for their current employees. It is generally believed that good employees refer good people.

However, social media is not being used to its fullest potential by most staffing companies. How can you leverage websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to encourage others to refer good candidates to you? Here are a few easy to follow tips you can start using today.

“Share this job”

Facebook, for instance, has a “share” button that allows readers to easily share content across their own social network. On Twitter, users “retweet” information. Always include an option for your readers and employees to share job information with their friends or their extended network. When you speak with them in person ask them to refer your company on social media and let your employees know they can receive a bonus if they share your social media posts to someone who gets hired.

Ask for connections

The best way to get the most out of LinkedIn is to reach out to beyond your first tier connections to their extended networks. Contact individuals in your network who share skills with the types of candidates you are seeking. Ask them to introduce you to others or share your website with their network and offer them a referral bonus for connections that are hired.


For a referral requests that are less of an investment of time you can use the “Hashtag” feature on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. For instance when you tweet the link to a current job posting and include geographical and skills based hashtags, like #accounting #atlanta, you can also add #referralbonus. This lets your readers know that a bonus will be available and it will encourage them to forward the post to their friends.

Video testimonials

You want potential candidates to know why they want to apply with you rather than your competition. In today’s visually oriented world the single best investment is video testimonials. Ask a few loyal employees to record a short video describing their work with you and what they like about it. Most every smart phone has a camera built in so it is easy for employees do this. Offer them a small bonus for helping you spread the word. You can then post this information on your website and your social media.

Social recruiting is becoming part of every aspect of the staffing industry. If you want to take advantage of the opportunities it can provide, make a WorkScene Page today. We can consolidate all of your social media into one platform that can help you manage the process to gather employee referrals to attract the right talent for you. Sign up today it’s FREE!