Recruiting isn’t the only function of social media when it comes to staffing. Have you considered using social media to communicate with your current employees, promote your brand, and provide recognition for jobs well done? Here are some insider tips on how to use social media to enhance your employee and client experience.

Employee Communications

The first step for a successful social media campaign is to encourage all of your current employees and future applicants to “Like!” your Facebook business page. This way you can use the page to not only promote your upcoming jobs but to effectively communicate changes in policy and special events to your team. Employees waiting for an assignment will also be able to access your company information and it will keep them engaged while they are not working. This is also a good way to promote referrals and offer bonuses when your employees refer individuals who go to work for you. Encourage and respond to feedback about your company and services.

Promote Your Brand

You undoubtedly would like to be the go-to staffing partner for businesses in your area. Temporary staffing is a highly competitive industry and it is important to set yourself apart from other agencies. Create content that will keep not only your employees but also your clients returning to your social media sites. Your current employees may one day become clients and if they remember your staffing services as the one who helped them they are likely to contact you when there is a need. Create a newsletter for both clients and candidates. Host Google+ Hangout sessions to share information with your audience. Develop polls that can help determine the needs of your clients and candidates.

Employee Recognition

Motivation is important for any employee but especially so for a temporary staff member. There is always the hope that their performance will lead to a permanent position but how do you keep them engaged while they are working short term assignments for you? Consider a “Temporary Employee of the Month” program where you showcase one team member who performed above and beyond. Share stores of employees who handled multiple short term assignments for you and helped you when your client was in a pinch. You can also share success stories and testimonials from individuals pleased with your service.

The function of social media within temporary staffing is broad and reaches beyond recruiting. A WorkScene Page can help you manage your inbound recruiting, online communications, and promote your employer brand from a single source. Sign up for a WorkScene Page today – it’s FREE!