A WorkScene Page is a hub for everything related to your company’s culture. This first of its kind platform is designed for recruiting and allows job seekers to learn about your company, join a Private Talent Community and apply for jobs on any device.

What does using Social Media for Recruiting look like?

In 2012, Facebook reached almost 850 million users. 1 million accounts are added to Twitter every day. 75 of the Fortune 100 Companies use LinkedIn as their corporate hiring solution. Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are also continuing to grow. These sites are where Job Seekers are spending their time on the internet so naturally Employers and Staffing Firms are trying to use these platforms to recruit top talent.

The Problem with using Social Media for Recruiting

Though it is lauded throughout the Human Resources and Recruiting communities, social media for recruiting isn’t as easy as simply being where the candidates are congregating. Social Media is constantly changing, also many candidates feel as if their personal information on their social networks would hurt their chances of getting a job. Employers social media pages contain competing content, HR wants to display recruiting content and the marketing team wants to sell the companies goods and services. Lastly, on today’s popular social media site there is no easy way to post job or gather resume.

Make Inbound Recruiting Easier with a WorkScene Page

A WorkScene Page has a unique URL, and it allows you to reinforce your employer brand, build a Private Talent Community and post FREE unlimited jobs.

It’s designed with a user-friendly dashboard so you can easily manage it on your own. Fill in your company information, post your jobs and then customize your page to attract the right candidates to meet your hiring needs. Be who you are and attract people who want to be a part of your unique culture! Already using other social platforms to post office pics? A WorkScene Page allows you to add your Twitter feed, photos from your Instagram, a recruiting calendar, company videos, and any necessary application documents. The Private Talent Community feature allows you to develop a pipeline of candidates for future openings, while keeping current talent community members up to date anytime you make changes to your page or post new jobs.  Up to the minute Job Seeker stats provide information on the source site for applicants and measures the effectiveness of your social media efforts.

It is easy to promote your WorkScene Page by placing the unique URL and share icon on both online and printed materials – such as your company’s social media pages, company blog, career fair materials and your email signature. By incorporating your unique URL and share icon in your daily recruiting activities you will direct passive and active candidates to your page where they can learn about your company, join your Private Talent Community and apply for jobs.

WorkScene Page’s have a unique URL, are fully customizable and simplify Inbound recruiting so you can attract the right passive and active candidates without being a social media guru.

Create a WorkScene Page, it’s Free!