Success Stories

Stone Street Capital

Stone Street Capital is a leader in the specialty finance industry, headquartered in downtown Bethesda, Maryland, for over 25 years.

Gary Milwit, Stone Street’s CEO says: “We created a WorkScene Page because we weren’t attracting the job candidates we wanted from job sites. Using WorkScene to show job seekers what it’s like to work for our company has increased the number of quality applicants we receive. It has increased employee referrals, too.”

“Since we created our WorkScene Page we have attracted better candidates who know why they want to work for us.”

- Gary Milwit, CEO, Stone Street Capital
How does Stone Street Capital use their WorkScene Page?
We utilize our WorkScene Page as our primary career page.
We customized our WorkScene Page for campus recruiting.
Our WorkScene Page has streamlined our employee referral program.
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